Stilettoe Production ,A full service event, party and concert promotions company that specializes in event marketing, promotions, production and management.
Stilettoe Productions Inc. competency is built on strong ethics, trust, dependability and loyalty with a reputable team as the backbone.

Relationship and Integrity:

Stilettoe Productions Inc. a one-stop shop event marketing and production agency. Our goal is to turn clients into a long term clientele through our professional integrity,  skills, commitment and experience.


Stilettoe production has a combined  18 years of  producing, promoting, managing, planning and  executing. We’ve the experience necessary to make your  marketing campaigns, promotional plan  and event boldly successful.


This will involve the complete operations and execution of event planning from concept to conclusion. Our team will be totally responsible for aspects -down to every detail.


The business of concert promotions, as shown in our plan, has an excellent and sustainable visibility, profitability and growth ratio. Our competitive edge, along with new promotion techniques, puts Stilettoe Productions in the forefront of promotional services. In the 21st century, we are in an age where more and more new talent is being introduced into the concert mainstream. Our concert promotion services will differ from the traditional concert promoters because of our added personal touch along with our years of experience with marketing and promoting.

  •  Stilettoe productions an independent female minority owned promotional company with a competitive edge. Stilettoe Productions with its great vision aiming to be a rising star in the big league. Our mission is to maximize the live concert experience, to provide events that will be remembered as a unique experience, surpass expectations and create memories for concert goers, fans that last a lifetime. Our core business is concert promotions and producing.
  • While reaching our lofty goals Stilettoe must focus on the mission behind the vision. Stilettoe productions will maintain a consistent, high level of service, to be fair, honest and ethnical in all dealings with clients, customers, artist’s fans, suppliers. We are committed to providing excellent quality entertainment services in which consistently goes above and beyond, exceeds the expectations of our clients.
  • We’re empowered and strive to create new and innovative ways to enhance live entertainment in today’s ever changing music formats. We’re dedicated to remain a live music entertainment company with a focus on our audience’s satisfaction.
  • Combining old fashioned, southern hospitality, Caribbean flavor and New York style values, going the extra mile, using cut-ting edge promotional and marketing techniques, dedication and determination and never give up attitude will pave the way for Stilettoe productions events to produce the same quality results for a sell-out every time.